15 December 2017

When Danish Design meets Latino America

A dear friend invited me for lunch to her house and I couldn't stop myself taking photos.  Although a lot of her furniture is Scandinavian and the flat is very Danish, it is possible to feel the Latin flavour in the house with very subtle touches of colour, creating a great style!


21 September 2017


I learned the verb winterise when I lived in the States, and I don't know how I lived without it until then.  I heard it most commonly referring to gardens and irrigation systems, but I like to use it for the interior of my home.  Winterise really describes what happens in my home around this time of the year: carpets come out of the basement, pillow colours start to change, blankets magically appear around the sofa and jackets and boots start to pile up near the coat hanging area.  The transition between summer and fall can be tricky but I like to think of it as a beautiful transition before the winter months.  Remember that with small gestures, you can also save energy on cold days.  There is nothing like being cozy.



22 August 2017

Is September really around the corner??

The list of things that need taking care of might have grown during the summer, but here are some stylish ideas to make the chores more pleasant.
Dear Uni students, this one is for you too ;-)

Pink Paper Peonies






2 June 2017

Spanish Design in Denmark, Ole!

Yesterday I visited the display that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen presented for the 3 Days of Design in the city.  Great designs and impressive hospitality.







Best way to finish  ;-)

9 May 2017

14 March 2017

25 February 2017

Little clouds of imagination

I love it when I get a commission for a little kid's room.   They are so much fun to design and creativity doesn't have limits.
One suggestion, leave plenty of empty space on the floor for you so you can enjoy those precious moments too.