22 March 2015

Copenhagen Opera House

I was able to be part of a tour around the Copenhagen Opera House last month.  The Opera house was designed by Henning Larsen and completed in 2005.   Although it doesn't have any phantoms (yet) it has plenty of stories to tell about its construction.

One of my favorite design features is the "catwalk" bridges that join the auditorium to the foyer.  Larsen designed them so that everybody could be seen from head to toe while having a drink or moving around during the intermission.

The foyer lamps are wonderful to look and a bit hypnotic with all their light reflections.   They are an Olafur Eliasson creation.

The walls of the auditorium towards the foyer are made of maple wood trying to replicate the colour of Stradivarius violins.


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  2. Yes you can, thank you for asking.