27 April 2015

What a humble brick can do. Grundtvig's Church.

One of the most  striking  buildings I have come across. 
Expressionist / Gothic / Rural.

A few days back, my friend, Teresa Conde, organised a Zumba class at Dansekapellet, Copenhagen, in a very interesting building whose former purpose I eventually found out.  But that is another story.  Let's just say that dancing was not its original purpose.

When I walked outside I saw an amazing building that kept coming back to my mind, Grundtvig's Church.  Today I had the chance to visit it.  The organist was tuning the 4052-pipe organ and the sounds together with the architecture made me feel as if I was in a movie set. 

This building, by architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen Klint, has an imposing and serious outside but once you pass through the lobby, everything changes.

The interior is airy and ... wonderful.  


  1. beautiful pictures!

  2. Eva...I live here and have never been inside that church. It is beautiful....now I have to go and feel it myself :-)