28 May 2015

New Understanding of Home for Third Culture Children.

How good interior design can and does help.

I read an article in Your Danish Life magazine Spring '15 edition called "The expat child has many names" and I would like to share a paragraph from it with you related wellbeing and interior design. 

I found very interesting the research conclusion about expat kids' view of what their home is.
We, expat parents, might need to think about this information before purchasing another "easy to dispose" piece of furniture.

"New understanding of home"by Anita Mayntzhusen (MA Educational Psychology).

The concept of having a home is important to many people.  There is a wide perception that if you don't feel at home anywhere, then you must be rootless.  But with expat children, Anita found that the traditional understanding of a home did not necessarily apply.  Instead, she found that expat children tend to see their home as something mobile, and not linked to a specific geographical place.  Instead, they connect home more to the items that surround them and the people they are with.  Other anthropologists, such as Danish researcher Ida Wentzel Winther also found that the expat children, other identifiers mark out a home; recognizable items like clothes, furniture or your teddy bear, rather than a physical location.  Anita concludes that a home for an expat child is not defined as a single place, but is more of a feeling and that that feeling of home is not restricted to only one geographical location.  "I found that home for an expat is a feeling more than a place and this feeling is mobile and recognizable.  Home is where one feels at home, and therefore, home can be in more than one place"  she concludes.

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