20 August 2015

Northmodern visit Part One

Here are some of the photos I took during my last visit to Northmodern design exhibition in Denmark.  It was very interesting and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it.

As I walked into the main building my eyes went straight to these wonderful lamps from www.Brokis.cz 

This is a Chiquita Stool with approx. 350 rattan poles by Kenneth Cobonpue. He uses sustainable resources.  I had the opportunity to try it and it is incredibly comfortable and fun.

 The winner of Elle decoration Young Talents 2015, Lawa design, uses eco-friendly materials.
These very stylish lamps create a centered light while illuminating the ceiling with shapes and shadows.

www.simotor.dk uses old car engines to create these great lamps with different metal finishes.

Great display of accessories following a natural trend.

Here is an example of great combination of reflections and light.  As they say in their catalog 
"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale".  

The Clover by Thomas Peter Lund
Beautiful ceiling shades with architectural spirit.  They combine great hues that add perspective and style to any room.

the designer admiring his creations 

Finns Dottir's display was inspiring. Black table with dark shades and winter spirit, and White table bringing spring and summer into any home.

Pastel colors and 3D patterns, so tactile! 

More on next year's trends soon...

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