1 November 2015

Bring Light To Your Mood

 Catellani & Smith lamp 

It's official, days are getting shorter and shorter as we enter winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

The need for light is greater and I thought that sharing some not-too-technical information about lighting could help to choose the right lights for the home.  They can help not only with the ambiance but also with the mood.  (They definitely help mine :-) )

Light informs our brains what time of the day it is and helps to produce the needed hormones for us function according to this.

Get pen and paper, here comes the info.

The color temperature in a white light bulb indicates if it produces a warm or a cold light.  This does not affect the physical temperature of the bulb.  This perceived colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K).

In the morning look for lights with a focus on blue and violet color light, 5500 - 6000 K. This activates the brain as we wake up.

In the middle of the day and afternoon the light should be greener 4000 - 5000 K which provides energy.

And in the evening warm reds and oranges are ideal 2000 - 3000 K. This relaxes the brain and induces to sleep

Again, this doesn't mean that you need to convert your home in a 80's disco.  What it means is that any normal light, LED or other wise, produces the Kelvin grades that the manufacturer created for that particular model and by knowing how the Ks affect the brain, we can make an educated choice when shopping for light bulbs. 

Paying attention to the number of Ks can really make the difference.

Enjoy winter!

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