24 August 2016

Copenhagen Northmodern '16

Northmodern has proven once more to be inspiring and innovating.
The creativity was abundant all around.  Here are some examples.   

57 Sofa, Finn Juhl (1957)
A beautiful classic.

Offecct, Carry On seats.
They are not only practical seats that can be carried by their handles but they also have sound absorbing properties.  Fun and practical.

Multiform Kitchen

2rethink, natural plants that can be used in walls or floors.

Lumio Lamp by Max Gunawan was catching everybody's eye.  
It closes like a book and can open to create a complete circle.

Signe Bonnesen beautiful hand made materials. 

(They have their own ecosystem inside the jar!)

Pikaplant, It can't get easier that this.  Indoor plants are back.

Halos, by Interactive Interventions.  Lights your room and keeps your tea warm at the same time.
Very interesting website with lots of amazing ideas.

Lovi Trees

Round Square by Their & van Daale. 
The wooden frame and the glass piece fit perfectly together.   
Unique and beautiful.

Space Frames by Mieke Meijer.  
Made out of wood and white cloth, it almost resembles alabaster. 

Balance Lamps  on top of Frame Work shelves by Mieke Meijer.

So here they are, my personal favorite items in Northmodern'16.
I will love to hear your opinions about them.


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